About me

My name is Hugo.
I inspire people, teams and plans. 
I am not a consultant, I am not a trainer; I am an activator. 

I am good at what I do. I think fast, and most of the times, I think 5 steps ahead. My left-and right brain hemisphere are working simultaneously. I am able to think in an empathetic, analytical and strategic way. I’ve got over 15 years of experience in business life in which I have coached professional management teams, both in good and bad times. 

I’ve worked for many clients. I am very proud of the work I did for KPNVattenfall, Deutsche Bahn and many other clients

I don’t just work for companies, mainly I work for people. 

Since 2013, I’ve been living with my wife Sofieke and our 4 children in Berlin. Sofieke is a professional coach and offers individual coaching in Dutch, German and English.