To hear your story in the hallways. To tell a story which is perceived better than the statutory policies. Sounds good? 

Storytelling is being able to talk about your incredibly dry mission and vision statements in such a way, that it becomes a compelling fairy tale. From numbers and graphs, to a beautiful story about the prince, the princess and maybe even a dragon who needs to be defeated. Telling the story about your company in such a way that it sticks. That it can be told 100.000 times and that everybody will believe you. I can teach you. 

Tell what you need to tell. Actively involve the audience within your story. When we start, we don’t just look at the content. I will also teach you why your posture, your voice and the way that you use your voice are so incredibly important. 

After one day, we had a story in which I still believe and still tell to others many month later” Employee of the City of Schiedam, the Netherlands.